Albania: BSPSH protest in 22 November 2014

300.000 citizens took part at the protest organised from BSPSH.

BSPSH was facing with a lot of problems with the austerity measures from the Albanian government to the workers in our country. BSPSH in front of the Albanian government’s decision to increase electricity price , malfunctioning of social dialogue, increased fuel price, setting of 31 taxes, education reform and health reforms without dialogue with trade unions. All these restrictive measures imposed BSPSH for the beginning of general protests on 22 November 2014 in Tirana Albania.

BSPSH had international support from ITUC and General Secretary ms. Sharan Burrow sent a letter to Albanian Government. The result after the biggest protest in Albania was that the price of electricity didn’t change . We want to share as a best practice as BSPSH had a great result not only for our members, But also for all citizens in Albania. We want to share this at the most significant Victories of BSPSH Albania.