Congress Live

Official speeches from delegates for the Congress record can be given using the “Congress Live” broadcast facility – the speeches will be live-streamed on the internet via the Congress website, and recorded for the official report of Congress.

Congress Live speeches will be grouped by region, according to the following schedule:

Monday, 3 December
15:00-18:00 Americas

Tuesday, 4 December
09:30-13:00 Asia-Pacific
14:00-16:00 Europe
16:00-18:00 Africa

Thursday, 6 December
09:30-10:30 Asia-Pacific
10:30-13:00 Africa
14:00-16:30 Europe
16:30-18:00 Americas

There will be a time limit of four minutes per speech. Requests to be included on the “Congress Live” speakers’ list can be made at the Congress Live facility.