Customs regulations

You may freely bring goods into Denmark if they are for your own personal use. However, there are limits as to how much alcohol and tobacco you are allowed to import.

Maximum quantities and value:


  • Cigarettes (see exception below): 800 pcs
  • Cigarettes when you arrive from Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania and Hungary: 300 pcs
  • Cigarillos (max 3g each): 400 pcs
  • Cigars : 200 pcs
  • Smoking tobacco: 1kg


  • Spirits (above 22% and beverages to which alcohol has been added): 10 litres
  • Fortified wine (22% alcohol or less, for example port, sherry and madeira as well as sparkling wine such as champagne): 20 litres
  • Table wine (for example red, white and rosé and cider-based wine – and maximum 60 litres of sparkling wine, such as, for example, champagne): 90 litres
  • Beer and beer-based cider: 110 litres
    For more information, see: