Israel: Fight against Violence against Women

In a convention signed by the Histadrut, Na’amat and employers’ organizations in 2016, the organizations have promised explanation and support in the workplace.

Histadrut Chairman Avi Nissenkorn and Chairman of the Presidium of Business Organizations Shraga Brosh signed a joint convention on 24.11.16 in which they obligate themselves to work together for raising the awareness of domestic violence, providing assistance to the victims and eradicating the phenomenon through workplaces. The convention was initiated by Galia Wallach, Chairman of the women’s organization Na’amat, in preparation for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women which occurred on 25.11.16.

Please find attached the convention in Hebrew. Please find below its translation into English.

Translation of the text of the convention:

We, the Histadrut-General Federation of Labour in Israel, the Presidium of Business Organizations and also Na’amat, take upon ourselves the principles detailed in this convention: Out of an understanding that violence against women from their husbands is a severe social phenomenon which crosses ethnic groups, socio-economic classes and occupations; harms not just women, but also children and in fact society as a whole; and may, if we do not act to eradicate it, create more generations in the cycle of violence. Out of an understanding that the workplace is often the only place where these women come into any social contact outside the home, and therefore may be their only way to break the cycle of violence. This convention expresses our desire to undertake the treatment and eradication of this severe social phenomenon, in favor of women harmed by violence for the sake of a better society that works out of social solidarity and concern and care for others. Therefore, we think that we must act:

• To raise the awareness and vigilance in the workplace for the phenomenon of domestic violence;

• To make information accessible in the workplace about the phenomenon for all workers, as more people - men and women - will be aware of the characteristics and consequences of domestic violence, so they can be partners in help and assistance;

• To create a supportive climate in the workplace which will be a source of support for a female worker who suffers from domestic violence in her home and will encourage her to apply to receive help to leave the cycle of violence;

• To provide assistance in the workplace to the female workers harmed by violence.

Therefore, we take upon ourselves, if possible and as much as possible, to implement the following steps:

1. To allow, at least once a year, giving lectures and workshops for all employees in the workplace, in the field of domestic violence, by bodies in the community who specialize in the subject.

2. To operate to make information accessible about domestic violence, including the hanging and distribution of materials about the phenomenon and ways of application to the people that treat in this area.

3. To create, as much as possible, contact between the bodies in the workplace, who deal with employee benefits, and bodies that treat domestic violence in the community, in order to help in connecting the female workers in trouble to the appropriate bodies of treatment and assistance in the community.

4. To allow a female worker harmed by domestic violence to be absent from the workplace for the purpose of treatment and arranging her affairs, without it harming, as much as possible, her job and her wages.

5. To establish a joint steering committee for examining the promotion of the goals that were detailed in this convention.

6. To implement other initiatives as much as possible.