Social Media, Digital Media and Communications

Languages: Media and social media content will be mainly in English, French and Spanish.

Social media will be an integral part of the Congress discussions and of the external communications strategy.

News and updates about what is happening at Congress will be posted on the ITUC Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Check these regularly and post your comments about the Congress.

During the plenary and sub-plenary debates, you can use the Twitter Congress hashtags to get up-to- date information about what is happening at Congress, to share your thoughts and to make comments that will appear on the Twitter walls.
The main plenary and each sub-plenary will have a Twitter wall allowing participation from the floor.

Hashtags for the plenary and each of the sub-plenary groups are:

Plenary #ituc18
Future of Work #work18
Wages and inequalities #wages18
Organising #organising18

If you would like to create social media accounts before you arrive at Congress, follow these instructions:

Equal Times: Equal Times will be reporting from Congress, along with Radio Labour. Regular news, radio and TV studio debates will be available on

ITUC Congress website: The ITUC Congress website will feature daily news and updates about Congress events and activities. Live streaming of the plenary sessions, lunchtime TV studio panel debates and leaders’ speeches will be available at