4th ITUC World Congress

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Pick the Worst Boss!
Name: Jeff Bezos
Title: CEO Amazon.com
Net worth: $156 billion
Nationality: American
The winner of the 2014 World’s Worst Boss, Jeff Bezos continues to exploit workers with low wages and indecent working conditions. Ambulances were called to British Amazon warehouses 600 times in three years, and widespread abuses of workers have been exposed – from timed toilet breaks to impossible targets and paying below the minimum wage.
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Name: Vincent Bolloré
Title: Chairman and CEO Bolloré
Net worth: $5.4 billion
Nationality: French
Charged with allegations of corruption and influencing elections in Africa, Vincent Bolloré has been placed under formal investigation in France. The company has a reputation for unfair competition, corruption and worker exploitation. Sherpa claims that collectively Bolloré and part-owned Scofin have launched more than 20 defamation suits against 40 journalists, NGOs and media organisations since 2009.
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Name: Ivan Glasenberg
Title: CEO Glencore
Net worth: $5.5 billion
Nationality: Australian/South African
Glencore is accused of responsibility for human rights violations and environmental damage in many countries where it operates and is now being investigated by the US Department of Justice over bribery and corruption. The Department of Justice has subpoenaed documents for Glencore’s activities in Congo, Nigeria and Venezuela. Glencore operates mines in almost every corner of the world, and also trades commodities – and has cut its own production to raise prices.
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Name: Dara Khosrowshahi
Title: CEO Uber
Salary: Undisclosed - Reported $200 million
Nationality: Iranian-American
Uber, the ride-sharing app, does not respect workers’ rights. Uber refuses to acknowledge its drivers as workers with entitlements to a minimum wage and paid holiday. Drivers work long hours to make a decent wage, with many in debt to cover the cost of car loans, fuel and insurance. Unions have taken Uber to court to fight for the rights of drivers, but the company thinks it can operate above the law.
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Name: Lee Kun-hee
Title: Chairman Samsung Group
Net worth: $18.1 billion
Nationality: South Korean
Samsung has a reputation for modern technology, but also a history of medieval conditions for the estimated 1,500,000 workers entrenched in a vast and shadowy web of subcontractors and subsidiaries that runs deep throughout its supply chains. A leaked PowerPoint presentation exposed their global anti-union strategy — intended for the eyes of corporate bosses only, it decrees specific “countermeasures” to be used to “dominate employees”. The leaked material instructs managers to “isolate employees,” “punish leaders,” and “induce internal conflicts”.
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Name: Doug McMillon
Title: President and CEO Walmart Inc.
Salary: $22.4 million
Nationality: American
Walmart is owned by one of the richest families in America, but its workers are paid poverty wages, and can be punished for sick days. The company has tried to project a more worker-friendly image with promises to raise the minimum wage. But at the same time it has cut other merit-based wage increases. Walmart’s absence policy has forced pregnant workers to choose between a healthy pregnancy and their job.
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Name: Michael O’Leary
Title: CEO Ryanair
Net worth: $1.03 billion
Nationality: Irish
Ryanair pilots in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Sweden held strikes in 2018 over terms and conditions. Michael O’Leary agreed to recognise trade unions for pilots and cabin crew. Previously O’Leary said hell would freeze over before he would agree to unions. Deals have been made in some countries, but his commitment to unions appears less convincing. As of October 2018, O’Leary is refusing to recognise the new Polish union for cabin crew.
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Name: Will Shu
Title: Co-Founder and CEO Deliveroo
Salary: $163,000
Nationality: American
Deliveroo has grown to a worldwide operation with 35,000 riders globally. In the UK, self-employed Deliveroo riders have been fighting to be recognised as workers. Riders have no rights to pensions, holiday or sick pay. Most riders are paid per delivery – not an hourly rate – which benefits the company but endangers workers trying to make a living wage. They are given three minutes to accept a job on the app and have to log out of work to take a toilet break.
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Name: Arne Sorenson
Title: President and CEO Marriott International
Salary: $13.3 million
Nationality: American
Marriott has more hotel rooms than any hotel company in the world. Their profits have gone up 279% since 2008. In the same years, hotel workers’ annual income has only increased by 7%. Marriott workers don’t know when they will get a day off and have unpredictable schedules. Workers are threatened by automation including from drinks orders being placed over iPads instead of to staff. Unions welcome technology and want to collaborate, but while Marriott makes massive profits, its workers are left on the sidelines.
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Name: Harvey Weinstein
Title: Former CEO Weinstein Company and co-founder Miramax
Net worth: $50 million
Nationality: American
More than 80 women in the film industry have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment and misconduct spanning a thirty-year period. Many had been silenced, though, with the threat of not getting a job. Weinstein was sacked from his company and now faces charges. The women who have come forward sparked the #MeToo movement against sexual assault and harassment in the workplace. Silence should never be a condition of work.
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